Newlyweds get RH advice from Ninang Miriam


Posted at Jun 25 2012 02:57 PM | Updated as of Jun 26 2012 07:55 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Before they could start a family, Ninang Miriam Defensor Santiago told a newlywed couple to observe reproductive health in their marriage.

The senator was a principal sponsor at the wedding between Robert Tambis and Mary Elizabeth Avanzado in Cebu City last Saturday.

During the reception at the posh Shangrila Hotel Marquee, she said: “Reproductive health is the new wave of the future. The critics are flaying a dead horse. To mix metaphors, the critics are missing the boat.  In the 2013 elections, the voters will educate the non-educable.”

Santiago said that after President Benigno Aquino III’s state of the nation address, amendments will be introduced at the second reading of the Reproductive Health Bill.

“We are amenable to any amendment, as long as the senators are willing to put the bill to a vote on second reading. Because of the long delay in passing this bill from Congress to Congress, sometimes it no longer looks like an RH bill but a geriatric bill,” she said.

She added that the bill is getting more and more supporters even from inside the Catholic church.

“But within the Catholic church itself, you will be surprised by how many progressive priests and bishops are in favor of the bill, although they cannot say so in public,” she said.

Her speech would not be complete, however, without her brandishing new pick-up lines.

This was not the first instance that she upstaged the couple, however. At the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, a camera tripod fell with a loud bang while she was walking towards the altar.

Santiago then turned to the cameraman and pretended to shoot him.

Santiago was with her husband, former presidential adviser Narciso Y. Santiago Jr. But her constant arm candy, starlet Heart Evangelista, was with her at the Cebu international airport.

There, they were mobbed by giddy fans, which caused a stampede on the ground floor. The press release from her office read, “[it caused] crowds to lean precariously out of the balconies on the second floor.”