Osmeña: Arroyo had worst regime in PH history


Posted at Jun 14 2012 08:18 PM | Updated as of Jun 15 2012 06:29 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Senator Serge Osmeña on Thursday rejected the resign call of Jose Miguel Arroyo after he  claimed that the former First Gentleman was involved in the irregular loans granted by the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) to a group led by businessman Roberto Ongpin.


Osmeña said he has no reason to resign and apologize to the husband of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.


"Why would I resign? Why would I apologize? Eighty percent of Filipinos believe that GMA had the worst regime in RP history. That's more than the 2/3 vote needed to impeach anyone," he said.


"We are all working hard to clean up the government. The succession of cases filed against Gloria and her cohorts only shows how terribly corrupt her government was. And there is more to come. Abangan!" he added.


After nine hearings in the Senate, Osmeña said on Wednesday there is no doubt in his mind that the loans  the DBP extended to Ongpin totaling P660 million were at Arroyo's behest.


Osmeña, however, said he has no proof of this yet on paper.


In reaction, the Arroyo camp lashed out at Osmeña.


"Tell him to prove it. I have nothing to do with DBP. Tell him to apologize if he cannot prove it," the former First Gentleman said. "He can also resign for maligning me. "


Arroyo's lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, said Osmeña should just to file cases before the proper fora against the former President's husband.