Napoles cries, says no one believes her


Posted at May 29 2014 05:08 PM | Updated as of May 30 2014 07:20 AM

MANILA - Businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles is lamenting that no one believes her.

A progress report issued by the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) said medical authorities saw Napoles crying when they visited her in her room.

“[Medical Team Leader Florentina Villanueva] noted that Mrs. Napoles was lying in bed, reading an article in the newspaper, in a sad mood, and crying. She said that nobody wanted to believe her, that everyone was making fun of her, and making her life a circus,” the report read.

Napoles recently gave her supposed “tell-all” to the Department of Justice, but many have questioned the authenticity of her story. She named several lawmakers involved in the scam, including members of the administration, all of whom have belied her accusations.

Villanueva tried to comfort the patient, but also checked on her situation amid complaints of vaginal bleeding, the report reads.

Several times this week, doctors sought to check the pad she was wearing. Napoles declined, however, but proceeded to describe her situation to the doctors.

Napoles’ lawyers earlier asked for Napoles’ extended stay in the hospital due to profuse bleeding after going through a surgery in her uterus.

On Thursday, however, the Makati Regional Court ordered her transfer back to Fort Sto. Domingo after doctors at the OsMak finally gave their go-signal.

The report said Napoles’ attending physicians instructed Villanueva yesterday to finally discharge her from the hospital.

“The attending physicians as well as Dr. Villanueva are confident that bleeding will not recur if the patient complies with the prescribed treatment regimen including complete bed rest and stress-free environment,” it reads.

Villanueva issued aftercare instructions, including a guard – preferably a nurse – at all times.

“This is necessary because the patient has medications to take and her blood sugar, vital signs, and vaginal bleeding need to be monitored,” the report says.

Napoles was also instructed not to lift anything heavier than 5 kilos.

“She must be kept in bed most of the time with toilet privileges for at least one month. There must also be a physician who can assess her immediately if needed and transportation to bring her to the nearest hospital with an OB-GYN specialist,” the report reads. The hospital also prescribed follow-up check-ups.