Better shows boost afternoon ratings of ABS-CBN, GMA

By Maria Althea Teves,

Posted at May 30 2009 01:38 AM | Updated as of Jun 01 2009 05:13 PM

Free TV viewers are spending more time watching afternoon shows in the summer of 2009 than in 2008 as the two leading television networks are giving them better quality programs, according to a media research company.

TNS Philippines, which is the part of worldwide research firm, TNS Global, said on Friday that both ABS-CBN and GMA have increased the ratings of their afternoon television shows.

The ratings of afternoon shows, which are watched most of the time by housewives, call center agents and household helpers, are not as high as primetime and morning shows.

“Morning shows are mostly cartoons for children or any children’s variety shows,” said Gabs Buluran, general manager of TNS Media Research Philippines.

Primetime ratings, on the other hand, are high since most household members are already home and available to watch television.

Buluran said that in the afternoon, viewers usually turn off their television for an hour break and sleep, especially the children who watch television in the morning. Teenagers are also often out of the house in the afternoon.

  Top Day time Programs for April Weekdays (National) Rating
1 Wowowee ABS-CBN 24.5
2 Sine Novela: Dapat ka bang Mahalin? GMA 23.2
3 Jim Hernandez's Kambal sa Uma ABS-CBN 23
4 Sine Novela: Paano ba Mangarap? GMA 20.3
5 Daisy Siete GMA 17
6 Carlo J. Caparas' Pieta ABS-CBN 16.8
7 Pilipinas, Game Ka na Ba? ABS-CBN 16.4
8 Eat… Bulaga! GMA  6
9 Parekoy ABS-CBN 14.2
10 Slamdunk GMA 14
  Top Primetime Programs for April Weekdays (National) Rating
 1 May Bukas Pa ABS-CBN 39
 2 Only You ABS-CBN 37
 3 I love Betty La Fea ABS-CBN 36.3
 4 Tayong Dalawa ABS-CBN 34.6
 5 TV Patrol World ABS-CBN 33.1
 6 Carlo J. Caparas' Totoy Bato GMA 28.1
 7 Zorro GMA 24.1
 8 24 Oras GMA 24.1
 9 Carlo J. Caparas' Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang GMA 23
10 Hole in the Wall GMA 21.8
  Top Day time Programs for April Weekends (National) Rating
 1 Wowowee (Saturday) ABS-CBN  21.8
 2 Cinema FPJ da King ABS-CBN  18.5
 3 ASAP `09 ABS-CBN  17.2
 4 Eat… Bulaga! (Saturday) GMA  16
 5 Matanglawin ABS-CBN  14.2
 6 Your Song Underage ABS-CBN  14
 7 Wish ko lang! GMA  12.1
 8 Entertainment live! ABS-CBN  12
 9 The Buzz ABS-CBN  11.9
 10 Sobrang Okey Pare! GMA  11.17
  Top Primetime Programs for April Weekends (National) Rating
 1 Maalaala Mo kaya ABS-CBN  33.8
 2 Rated K, Handa na ba kayo? ABS-CBN  30
 3 The Singing Bee ABS-CBN  27.7
 4 Sharon ABS-CBN  27.7
 5 XXX (Eksklusibong, Explosibong, Expose) ABS-CBN  22.9
 6 Mars Ravelo's Flash Bomba ABS-CBN  21.8
 7 Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho GMA  21.2
 8 Bitoy's Funniest Videos GMA  21
 9 Goin' Bulilit ABS-CBN  20.1
 10 Kap's Amazing Stories GMA  18.3

Source: TNS Media Research

But the summer of 2009 is quite unique. “Last summer, we did not see any significant increase in the ratings (for afternoon shows), unlike this summer,” Buluran said.

He said ratings increased because “the new shows for this summer are interesting enough for people to want to tune in and see what happens. They probably opt not to sleep.”

April 2009 Ratings

According to TNS' media research findings, ABS-CBN’s new program "Kambal sa Uma," starring Shaina Magdayao and Melissa Ricks averaged 24.9 percent ratings nationwide last April 19-25. It replaced television program "Parekoy," averaging 13.9 percent during the last week of its airing in its afternoon timeslot.

Meanwhile, GMA’s local adaptation of Japanese game show "Human Tetris" rated 22.4 percent during April 19-25. It replaced another afternoon game show "Family Feud," which only scored 12.6 percent on its last airing week.

Replacing both "Parekoy" and "Family Feud," "Kambal sa Uma" and "Hole in the Wall" also helped increase ratings of adjacent programs, Buluran said.

The research showed that "Wowowee" and "Pieta," both shows from ABS-CBN, improved 2.5 percent and 5.1 percent respectively.

GMA's "Gokusen" and "24 Oras" gained 3.3 and 4.1 percentage points respectively.

TNS Media Research also forecast the ratings average of top ranking television shows of both ABS-CBN and GMA this May.


Research Observations

Buluran said that television is a good medium to reach an advertiser’s target audience.

He added that 80% of the viewing is focused on news, local television dramas and exciting game shows. Top-ranking shows in Mega Manila and nationwide support this pattern.

TNS research also showed that on average, 6.86 hours are spent watching television by national viewers. National viewers spend 3.02 hours watching ABS-CBN and 2.42 hours watching GMA.

Hours Spent by Filipinos Watching Television (National Scale)
  6AM to 12MN 6AM to 10AM 10PM to 2PM 2PM to 6PM 6PM to 12MN
Total hours 6.86 0.75 1.52 1.46 3.13
ABS-CBN 3.02 0.26 0.67 0.61 1.48
GMA 2.42 0.23 0.49 0.56 1.15
Source: TNS Media Research

Audiences tend to watch television most from 6pm to midnight, with 3.13 viewing hours spent watching programs within that time frame. Viewers spent 1.15 hours watching television show from GMA and 1.48 hours watching shows from ABS-CBN.