Anakbayan calls for national day of action vs pork


Posted at May 17 2014 03:10 PM | Updated as of May 17 2014 11:10 PM

MANILA - Militant group Anakbayan is calling on the youth to take part in a national day of action against pork barrel, dubbed the Black Friday Protest, on May 23.

The youth group said the protest will express their condemnation of the alleged corruption happening under the Aquino administration.

"We call on the youth to stand up against the outright corruption under the BS Aquino administration. It is up for the united effort of the youth and the broad masses to stop corruption in our country and demanding genuine accountability," Anakbayan national chairperson Vencer Crisostomo said in a statement on Saturday.

The call comes in the wake of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima's protracted disclosure of Janet Lim Napoles' list of alleged pork barrel scam beneficiaries.

Crisostomo said not only does the late release of the list raise doubts on its accuracy, but it also shows government's seeming indifference to solving the pork barrel scam case and demanding accountability.

He added that the varied lists that are circulating may only be a diversionary tactic to hide the true mover of the scam.

"They should have revealed the list earlier, and why should De Lima show the list to the president first? The period we waited for De Lima's Napoles list is enough for Aquino and his allies to sanitize it. This fiasco about the different lists is a diversionary tactic meant to hide the truth that Aquino is the main perpetrator."

"The list is questionable not only because of its late release, but also on how it intends to contain the public anger towards the opposition. This regime's failure to prosecute those who are involved in the scam proves that it has no plans in solving the case at all," he said.