PPCRV: Elections should stay automated


Posted at May 14 2013 11:32 PM | Updated as of May 15 2013 07:32 AM

MANILA – The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting believes the country should continue to conduct automated elections despite encountering glitches during yesterday’s count.

PPCRV chairperson Henrietta de Villa said she does not recommend a return to manual elections since the automated system can transmit the results faster. She also said the automated system is less prone to fraud.

“At this point I would never recommend manual (election) because we have not yet reached that political maturity,” de Villa said.

The PPCRV chairperson said automation has yet to exhaust its full potential where voters fully trust the system. She also admitted that the 2013 poll is more “stressful” because of heightened expectation of the automated system after the 2010 polls.

“The stress was more this 2013… maybe also because of the heightened suspicion. I think the stress also came from the stone throwing against the system, the poll body and the PPCRV,” she said.

Confusion marred PPCRV's partial and unofficial count of the senatorial votes on Monday night after a formatting error doubled the count for the senatorial candidates.

The poll watchdog admitted the numbers were inflated and apologized to the public. The count was immediately corrected on Monday.

Vote-buying ‘bigger, bolder’

De Villa also revealed that vote-buying in the 2013 polls “was bolder and on a bigger scale” compared to the 2010 polls. She said candidates offered money, rice, foods packs, mobile phones and even education scholarships as bribes to voters.

“They did everything just to entice people to vote for them,” she said. 

De Villa attributed the worsening culture of money politics to the growing problem of poverty in the country. “Because of poverty, they are forced to buy the bullet,” she said. With a report from CBCPNews