Miriam to hold separate hearing on EDCA

Posted at | Updated as of 05/09/14 9:39 PM

MANILA - Senator Miriam Santiago has decided to call a separate hearing on the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the Philippines and the United States.

As chair of the Senate foreign relations committee, Santiago said she intends to focus on the constitutional issues surrounding EDCA while letting the Senate national defense and security focus on the military and political strategy involved.

In a letter to defense committee chair Antonio Trillanes, Santiago said a division of labor would prevent overlapping.

A joint inquiry of the two committees was initially set on Tuesday morning.

Santiago said she would inform Trillanes of the date of her committee’s hearing “as soon as my chronic fatigue syndrome allows me to do so.”

Santiago believes that the agreement is unconstitutional and says that it should be submitted to the Senate for ratification.