SLIDESHOW: A day of labor

Photos by Jonathan Cellona for

Posted at May 02 2014 02:12 AM | Updated as of May 12 2014 07:59 PM

A laborer's day, a day for rest. Or is it?

For some, it's business as usual. Mang Dennis could have used a day of rest, but for him it's no work, no pay. So as long as there are passengers on the road, there will always be jeepneys. And when there are jeepneys, we have jeepney drivers to thank, holidays or not.

Some are even in a more precarious state than Mang Dennis, and wish that job fairs can be the answer to their prayers. More than faith in the system, it's faith that something is out there for them that keeps them going.

It is faith that bonds the Filipino family after all, and they show this by devoting the day of workers by keeping up with their religious and family duties, like getting their children baptized or just spending the day in the park with their loved ones.

Still, others get the scorn of society by continuing to go out on the streets even in a day when most establishments who should be listening to them are closed. Is it a waste of energy to air your grievances when hardly anyone is listening? It must also be faith in something, for them to continue doing what they are doing, but surely it is not faith in the government that promised them once that there would be no more poor in the country.

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