Jack Enrile: PR letter on Alfie Anido is fake


Posted at Apr 29 2013 08:55 PM | Updated as of Apr 30 2013 04:56 AM

MANILA - Senatorial candidate Jack Enrile on Monday disowned an alleged press release that asked the public to "move on" from the death of former matinee idol Alfie Anido more than 31 years ago.

Enrile, who is running under the opposition United Nationalist Coalition, went to Twitter to deny that his campaign team released the statement on Anido's death.

"Please note that subject PR from the e-mail [email protected] is not mine nor from my campaign team. It's fake and unauthorized," he said.

The supposed press release was posted Monday on the Facebook page of a group calling themselves as UNA volunteers.

"The prescriptive period in the Anido murder case has lapsed. Let’s move on for the sake of national unity," the supposed press release quoted Enrile as having said during a sortie in Sorsogon Monday.

"Preventing me from serving the Filipino people as a senator will not bring Alfie back to life. It's better that we stick to the issues at hand," the statement, again allegedly quoting Enrile, added.

Enrile, in an earlier interview on ANC, denied denied any involvement in the deaths of Anido and Ernest Lucas, Jr., a son of a former Philippine Navy chief.

Enrile said he has been trying to set the record straight for years due to rumors that he had ordered his bodyguards to kill several people while his father, now Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile,  was the martial law administrator under Ferdinand Marcos.

He denied shooting Anido after seeing the latter allegedly beat up his sister, Katrina.

In the interview, Enrile said he was having dinner with then Col. Gregorio Honasan who was then a security aide for the entire Enriles. He said Honasan got a call that Anido’s car was moving at a fast pace from Antipolo to Bel-Air, Makati.

He said Honasan later excused himself after learning that something had happened in Anido’s house. “Of course out of concern and curiosity, I said sama ako,” he said.

He said the gate at Anido’s house was already open when they arrived. Enrile said that when he entered the threshold, Anido’s sister was already there when they both heard Katrina screaming and crying.

“When I entered the threshold, I saw Babita, the sister. I asked: 'Where's Katrina?' At that point, immediately after I asked her that, I heard Katrina screaming and crying. When I looked at her, she said: 'Si Alfie, si Alfie.' already swollen and there was a bullet hole already in his head.'

"So I looked inside the room where Alfie was supposed to have been and I saw a gun. So I recoiled. I moved back. It was on the floor. It looked like a .45. I looked again inside and when I peered through, I saw Alfie's face was already swollen and there was a bullet hole already in his head.'

“Alfie was my friend. Even before he knew Katrina, he was my friend. He was a year I think below me in Ateneo. We were friends since grade school. It was an unfortunate thing. I don't know the reason or what motivated him to do what he did. I was told that Katrina was trying to break it off with him that day. It was unfortunate that Alfie took his own life.”

Enrile denied that he caught Anido beating up Katrina, saying his sister never told him that her former boyfriend was harming her.

He also admitted that his account about the incident differs from his father’s. The Senate President earlier said his son was not in Anido’s house during the suicide.

The younger Enrile said his father was 79 when he started writing his memoir. ““He was 79 so that was 20 years back so his memory tends not to be fresh. For me, these things actually happened to me.”

He also said Anido’s shooting was a painful experience especially since he is always being accused of killing the actor.

“I have been trying to answer an allegation that was not true for over 30 years. It's not been easy. It is actually very difficult. And you know, when you think you're already way past it, then people bring this up and embellish it and it takes a life of its own. No matter what you do, they say ‘Oh, how come you've been quiet all this time?’ I’ve tried to tell people that I had nothing to do with it but it's physically impossible for someone like me to go to each and every person to explain what happened.”

Enrile also told ANC that Lucas' death was accidental after his bodyguard, Danilo Cruz, accidentally shot the Navy chief’s son during a party.

The Lucas case is one of the subjects of declassified US diplomatic cables recently published online by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.