Political plans should not dictate Corona trial outcome - OVP


Posted at Apr 15 2012 01:58 PM | Updated as of Apr 16 2012 03:11 AM

Vote for Corona means a Binay boost, says Maceda

MANILA, Philippines - The office of Vice President Jejomar Binay said the political plans of senators should not dictate their votes in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

In a statement, the Office of the Vice President said the chief magistrate’s trial is a test of democracy. “It is important that the people see the trial as fair and impartial, and the outcome is respected by all.”

This comes after a Binay ally, former Senator Ernesto Maceda said in a press conference on Saturday that a vote for the acquittal of Corona is already a vote of support for Binay.

“This is the Binay factor. If you’re for Binay for president for 2016, you’ll probably vote for acquittal. Why? First of all, if Corona is convicted, that strengthens Noynoy and a stronger Noynoy means stronger support for his [chosen] candidate,” Maceda was quoted as saying.

A Corona acquittal, on the other hand, is the start of the downturn of Aquino’s popularity, in turn affecting his candidate, Maceda added.

“We believe former Sen. Ernesto Maceda was expressing his personal opinion as a political analyst. These are the same views he has aired before in his column and interviews,” the office of Binay said.

“The Vice President also believes the votes of the senators should not be dictated by party affiliations or political plans, but by their appreciation of the facts presented during the trial and by what would help strengthen our democracy,” it added.