Napoles' biopsy to proceed Tuesday night


Posted at Apr 08 2014 11:57 AM | Updated as of Apr 08 2014 07:57 PM

MANILA - Despite her high blood sugar level, alleged pork scam perpetrator Janet Lim Napoles will proceed with a scheduled biopsy tonight at 6:00.

Lawyer Bruce Rivera said Napoles already signed a consent form after being cleared to do the procedure by the Ospital ng Makati’s (OsMak) resident endocrinologist.

The procedure is called endometrial biopsy, which would determine if a cyst is malignant or benign. A tissue will be taken from Napoles’ uterus, allowing the doctors to know the next steps.

The result of the biopsy will be known in three days.

Napoles was admitted to the OsMak last week after getting clearance from a Makati court. She has been complaining of extreme abdominal pains.

She asked the court for treatment at St. Luke’s. Instead, the court said: “After diligently ascertaining the facts, the averments in the motions and the testimonies given … the court finds sufficient basis to grant the motion. However, the request of the accused that she should undergo surgery at St. Luke’s Medical Center should be modified. Instead, the court directs that the accused will undergo surgical operation at the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak), a government hospital situated within the territorial jurisdiction of this court.”

Later, the court allowed that doctors at St. Luke’s can help with her procedure at OsMak.