Law penalizing line-cutting proposed


Posted at Mar 20 2014 01:00 AM | Updated as of Mar 26 2014 10:03 AM

MANILA – People who are fond of cutting in line will face imprisonment and fines, if a lawmaker will have his way.

"Bawal na dapat ang mga pasaway," said Ako Bikol Partylist Rep. Christopher S. Co and Rep. Rodel M. Batocabe, authors of House Bill 3953, or the proposed "Anti-Pasaway Act of 2014”.

The bill, according to the authors, defines a line as a physical line of persons or inanimate objects owned or possessed by persons formed for any of the purposes of providing, procuring, accepting or receiving goods or services.

Under HB 3953, the following acts shall constitute the offense of cutting in line:

(a) Overtly or covertly enter a line at any position other than the end which may include joining others in the line or using any instrument or scheme to save a slot or space in a line;

(b) break up a line or employ devices and schemes to disrupt the order and cause confusion as to the order persons in physical or virtual line;

(c) make use of any physical force, threats, intimidation or influence by virtue of power, social status, prominence, or reputation to cut in, break up, or disrupt the order of a line; or

(d) employ devices, schemes, and deceit in order to cut in, break up, or disrupt the order of a line;

(e) Knowingly giving consent to the foregoing acts by allowing another person to insert, cut in, break up or disrupt the order of a line.

The lawmakers said that in all the mentioned instances, there should be a signage or written notice posted at the premises of the goods or service-provider indicating the existence and requiring the formation of a line.

Senior citizens defined under R.A. 9994, persons with disabilities defined in R.A No. 7432, and pregnant women are exempt from the provisions of the proposed law.

The bill provides that any person who shall violate the provisions of the Anti-Pasaway Act shall be imprisoned for one month, fined P10,000, or both at the discretion of the court.

Should the offense be committed where there is a declaration of emergency or calamity in the area as declared by the local government unit or by the appropriate government agency authorized by law, the penalty of six (6) months imprisonment or a fine not exceeding P20,000 or both shall be imposed at the discretion of the court.