Will Grace Poe be PH's next woman president?


Posted at Mar 13 2014 08:21 AM | Updated as of Mar 13 2014 04:21 PM

MANILA - Will Sen. Grace Poe follow Sen. Miriam Defensor's advice that the country needs another woman president in 2016?

Speaking to ANC, Poe reiterated that she has no plans to run for higher office in 2016 because she knows her limitations.

She also pointed that she feels "very awkward and embarrassed" when people tell her that she could serve in a higher capacity in government.

"You also have to know your limitations. At this point, I really don't have the machinery, the experience is not also there and more importantly, what my father has gone through. Diba, he was such a front runner also at that time, 'you can do it, you can do it,' pero paglingon mo towards the middle of the campaign, wala na yung mga sumusoporta," she said.

She added: "Sabi nga nila may saksak sa likod niya, so that's quite a learning experience for me even if I wasn't directly the candidate at that time."

Poe's father, the late Action King Fernando Poe Jr., lost by a million votes in the 2004 election to then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in a race widely regarded as being marred by electoral fraud.

Santiago earlier said a woman president beginning 2016 will help ensure the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for gender equality will be reached.

“We should have a female president in 2016. Research shows that when women are empowered as political leaders, countries often experience higher standards of living with positive developments in education, infrastructure, and health care,” she said.

“We’ve had 13 male and only two female presidents so far. The Philippines has had a total of 15 presidents. To achieve equality between males and females, since we have had 13 males, the next 11 presidents should be female."

The country has had two female presidents: Corazon Aquino (1986 to 1992) and Gloria Arroyo (2001 to 2010).

Meanwhile, Senator Poe refused to say if she will support the candidate endorsed by President Aquino for 2016.

"I trust the President, however, it is also my right as a Filipino citizen to be able to be confident about my candidate, but I know the President will always have the best intentions for our countrymen, so I'm hoping that it will be a candidate he can also be very proud of," she said.