Why Pia wants an apology from AirAsia Zest


Posted at Mar 04 2014 04:12 PM | Updated as of Mar 05 2014 12:12 AM

MANILA - Senator Pia Cayetano called on AirAsia Zest to apologize for a radio advertisement, which she described as derogatory against women.

Cayetano said the ad “Red, Hot Piso Sale” commodifies women. She said the radio ad features two male voices discussing how the ticket sale is cheaper and more enjoyable than an attractive woman with long legs, small waist and smooth skin.

Part of the ad goes:

Guy 1: [Makes cat call whistle] ‘Ang hot ng chick pare!’
Guy 2: ‘Hindi naman.’
Guy 1: ‘Ha? Ang ganda kaya ng katawan! Long legs, liit ng baywang, tapos ang kinis pa ng balat! Ano pang gusto mo?’
Guy 2: ‘May mas hot pa dyan.’
Guy 1: ‘Ow…asan? Patingin nga?’
Guy 2: ‘Ayan, o. Yang Red Hot Piso sale ng Air Asia Zest. Di tulad sa chicks, pre, maliit lang ang gastos dito. Mas mag-eenjoy ka pa. O, ano? Sino nang mas hot ngayon? Air Asia Zest na pare!’

“I take offense and, clearly, from the comments that we saw on social media, many people were also offended by this type of ad. It portrayed the Air Asia Zest promo to be a better deal than a woman. Mr. President, this is not acceptable and we call upon the management to make a public apology,” said Cayetano.

She said the ad is no longer airing because the ticket sale ended on March 2.

Still, “I believe that we should be very firm in our action because these kinds of advertisements are heard by many young people, both young girls and boys. And I think it sets a very wrong standard when we allow these kinds of statements to be made in public,” she said.

AirAsia Zest used to be Zest Airways.