China: We're just doing our job in Scarborough


Posted at Feb 27 2014 03:18 PM | Updated as of Feb 27 2014 11:18 PM

MANILA – Chinese government vessels were just doing their job during the incident in Scarborough Shoal last January 27, an official said.

In a press conference. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said: “The Chinese government vessels are on duty in waters off the Huangyan Island to uphold China's sovereignty and maintain order in the waters in accordance with law. The Chinese government vessels deal with activities by foreign vessels in these waters within a justifiable and reasonable scope.”

Hua was asked to react on the Philippines’ move to summon the Chinese charge d’affaires over the water cannon incident in the disputed shoal.

While she did not mention the “water cannon incident,” Hua said: “China has to make necessary reactions to the provocation from relevant countries. We urge the Philippine side to truly respect China's sovereignty and not to make new troubles.”

Foreign Affairs Spokesman Raul Hernandez said 2 of 14 Filipino fishing boats were 30 to 40 yards away from the shoal when the China Coast Guard vessel with Bow Number 3063 “continuously blew its horn and thereafter doused the fishing vessels with water cannons for several minutes.”

“The whole thing is under protest. Their being there is under protest. And their attempts to drive away our Filipino fishermen are also under protest. The whole scheme being undertaken by the Chinese government in our territory where we have sovereignty rights is under protest,” Hernandez said.

China, however, snubbed the protest.

Hernandez said the country will still pursue the “peaceful” route amid the continued snubbing from China.