Yolanda victims to file class suit vs. PNoy


Posted at Feb 16 2014 12:19 PM | Updated as of Feb 16 2014 08:19 PM

Tragedy in Tacloban

MANILA – A group of Yolanda survivors is planning to file a class suit against the Aquino government for criminal neglect in providing ample relief efforts for victims of the typhoon.

The Tindog People’s Network, composed of Yolanda survivors, their families and supporters, blamed the administration of President Benigno Aguino III over its alleged criminal neglect to the victims of Yolanda due to what they claim is the government’s poor disaster preparedness, rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts.

They announced on Sunday that they plan to file the class suit to hold President Benigno Aquino III accountable.

The group’s spokesperson Mark Louie Aquino said that even after 100 days since the incident, typhoon-struck communities are still not receiving enough aid from the government.

“After 100 days, we continue to find and count our dead, the wounded and the thousands displaced by the disaster. It is depressing to learn that after 100 days, the government is still unable to reach out to all typhoon-affected communities. Aid is arriving in trickles and basic services are still non-existent in many villages,” he said.

'Instead of focusing in sincere moves to end poverty in areas that are hardly affected by Yolanda, it seems that the Aquino government is focusing more on how to push its anti-people agenda in their rehabilitation programs including privatization schemes on their 'no-build zone' policies in Tacloban, corruption-ridden projects as the alleged overpriced and substandard bunkhouses for the victims, among others,' he said.

The group is hoping that its immediate demands of continued relief aid, regular job opportunities, "humane" shelter, and educational needs of children, be addressed as soon as possible.

Tindog People’s Network will be marching to Mendiola on Monday to hand in the demand letter addressed to the President.