Former Filipina sex slaves still seeking justice


Posted at Feb 12 2014 11:46 PM | Updated as of Feb 13 2014 07:46 AM

MANILA - Former comfort women from the Philippines called for justice in a demonstration outside the Japanese Embassy in Manila on Wednesday.

Eight surviving former comfort women mostly in their 80s, from the group Lila Pilipina, joined the protest.

"I hope they (the Japanese government) respond to the case we've put against them, because in World War 2, we were abused by Japanese soldiers. So here we are, we've been fighting for this for a long time, we've been calling for justice for a long time, but the Japanese government is playing deaf and not heeding us," a former comfort woman, Narcisa Claveria, said.

The head of Lila Pilipina, Rechilda Extremadura, said the Japanese government must apologise, recognise, acknowledge and admit accountability for wartime atrocities it committed against Filipino women.

"We will never stop, until justice is realized, because rightfully, we have the right to demand justice from the Japanese government. We did not invite them in the Philippines. We have fallen victim to the Japanese soldiers, Japanese government," Extremadura said.

Though their group has lost cases filed on behalf of ex-comfort women before Japanese and U.S. courts, they continue to seek justice.

The ex-comfort women are demanding compensation and historical inclusion in Japan's account of World War 2.

The demonstration was part of the One Billion rising for Justice Philippines campaign, which will culminate on February 14 in a dance protest that will highlight issues of injustice against women.