WATCH: Pope Francis ends 51st IEC in Cebu


Posted at Jan 31 2016 07:59 PM

CEBU -- Pope Francis urged Catholics to be missionaries and to bring the good news of Christ's love to the world as he ended the 51st International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu on Sunday.

In a video message, the Pope urged the delegates to be true missionary disciples to bring the good news of Christ's "redemptive love to a world in such need of reconciliation, justice and peace."

"Christ's presence among us is not only a consolation, but also a promise and a summons. It is a promise that everlasting joy and peace will one day be ours in the fullness of his Kingdom. But it is also a summons to go forth, as missionaries to bring the message of the Father's tenderness, forgiveness and mercy to every man, woman and child. How much our world needs this message," he also said.

Pope Francis also remembered his trip to the Philippines in 2015, where he said he saw the "deep faith and resilience" of the Filipinos.

He also talked about how Typhoon Yolanda brought out the goodness in everyone.

"It brought immense devastation to the Philippines, yet it also brought in its wake an immense outpouring of solidarity, generosity and goodness. People set about rebuilding not just homes but lives. The Eucharist speaks to us of that power which flows from the Cross and constantly brings new life. It changes hearts. It enables us to be caring, to protect the poor and the vulnerable, and to be sensitive to the cry of our brothers and sisters in need. It teaches us to act with integrity and to reject injustice and corruption which poison the roots of society," Pope Francis said.

It was also announced that the next International Eucharistic Congress will be held in Budapest, Hungary in 2020.