Bangsamoro deal won't compromise Constitution: Ferrer


Posted at Jan 27 2014 12:32 PM | Updated as of Jan 27 2014 08:32 PM


MANILA - Government peace panel chairperson Miriam Coronel Ferrer on Monday brushed off fears the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement will compromise the Constitution.

Speaking to [email protected], Ferrer said various stakeholders were consulted every step of the way including Zamboanga City First District Rep. Celso Lobregat.

"We visited Zamboanga City several times and met with Rep. Lobregat when he was mayor, that provision says by a petition of 10% of registered voters in a local government unit it may be considered to be part of plebiscite is submitted 2 mos before actual plebiscite. Therefore plebiscite will have to be done in that locality and they still need to get a majority vote. So it's not as if 10% will allow them to join... It's just a step to be included in plebiscite...How to count the vote if it will be per province city or municipality within processes defined by Constitution. It will have to be spelled out in transitory provisions of the basic law," she said.

She also gave assurance that Congress will not be a rubber stamp of the peace deal.

"We are not in a position to take away powers of Congress as constitutionally mandated. it its their prerogative to pass the law, but we appeal for understanding for provision, the wisdom and hopefully the spirit will be sustained by Congress," she said.

Ferrer said the Transition Commission, which was convened last year, is currently in the process of drafting the contents of the Bangsamoro Basic Law - the draft of which she expects to be done by May this year.

Following a plebiscite, the law will be ratified defining the coverage of the Bangsamoro political entity.

A Bangsamoro Transitory Authority steps in until the regular elections in 2016.