PNoy 'meddling' in CJ trial an impeachable offense?

By Doris Bigornia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 21 2014 06:21 PM | Updated as of Jan 22 2014 05:53 AM

Kidnapping, detention vs Mar, PNoy?

MANILA - A former lawyer of ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona believes President Aquino could be impeached for meeting senator-judges during Corona's impeachment trial.

Atty. Judd Roy, a member of the Corona defense team, said what the President did was criminal and impeachable.

He said that while it is normal or acceptable for a President to summon legislators to talk about policies and pending legislation, it is not normal to talk about judicial matters.

He also said bringing Sen. Bong Revilla to the Palace through a Cabinet secretary was kidnapping and detaining.

Sen. Revilla has denied allegations that he pocketed millions of pesos in his Priority Development Assistance Fund through the Napoles fund scam. Instead, he accused President Aquino of meddling in the Corona impeachment trial by allegedly begging to vote for Corona's conviction.

The senator said he made no promises to the President, only saying that he will vote for what is right. Revilla was one of 20 senators who voted for Corona's conviction.

For Roy, Revilla is believable and his statements yesterday confirm what he had been saying throughout the impeachment proceedings: that there was collusion and bribery of the senators sitting as judges.

Although no longer a counsel for Corona, Roy said if asked, he would advise him to do nothing at this point and let all the evidence come out which could prove that his impeachment was null and void.

Corona, he said, could go to the Supreme Court and have his impeachment declared null and void.

What is more important, Roy said, is that people realize that the country is suffering from a bad political culture and something must be done.

Otherwise, he said, everyone would be guilty of tolerating a rotten judicial system.

Roy said anyone can file an impeachment case against President Aquino who, along with Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas and Budget Secretary Butch Abad, should be worried because what they did constitutes a crime.