Cybersex crime an international issue, police say


Posted at Jan 17 2014 07:57 PM | Updated as of Jan 18 2014 03:57 AM

MANILA -- Police have vowed to continue cooperating in international investigations and enforcement operations, not just in the country but internationally, against cybersex crimes, pedophile cases and child pornography.

Chief Supt. Reuben Theodore Sindac, public information chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), issued the statement Wednesday after an international syndicate preying on Filipino children was busted.

"We are continuing our investigations as well as cooperation with other law enforcers on this matter. Part of the Joint International Task Force on cybercrimes and child pornography are the PNP and the National Bureau of Investigation," Sindac said.

He said the PNP has a task force focused particularly on human trafficking and related crimes.

According to Sindac, Philippine police are working with the international community in addressing the matter.

"We need international cooperation in this particular type (of cases), for it transcends barriers and political boundaries," he said.