INFOGRAPHIC: Baon guide for your kids


Posted at Jun 16 2014 11:22 AM | Updated as of Jan 08 2016 02:39 PM


Planning what meals you should prepare for your child now that classes have started? Here are suggested meals prepared by a health expert.

Registered nutritionist Gia Ilagan shares meal planning suggestions and tips to make sure that your child's 'baon' will be packed with nutrients needed for the day.

"Make sure to serve various food items to your kids everyday. This will aid in providing your child the different nutrients that can't be found in a single food," Ilagan said.

Your child also won’t get bored if there is something new in the lunch box everyday.

She added, "As much as possible, avoid serving [your child] processed foods. Instead, experiment on what you have at home and try to mix and match."

According to Ilagan, aside from school ‘baon’, proper and nutritious snacks or ‘merienda’ can be added for nourishment. "Snacks also provide additional sources of nutrients especially if planned well as part of the daily meals," she said.

She also said that planning a healthy and nutritious meal plan doesn't have to be expensive.