Report: N.Korea deploys missiles near S.Korea border

SEOUL - North Korea has deployed SA-2 surface-to-air missiles near its disputed Yellow Sea border with South Korea, a report said Sunday as a major US-led naval exercise began further to the south.

Disaster-ravaged Haiti heads to the polls

PORT-AU-PRINCE - Haitians head to vote Sunday in an election marred by violence and concerns of fraud, with a cholera epidemic eating away at the earthquake-ravaged country.

US-S.Korea naval exercises due after Pyongyang warning

SEOUL - The United States and South Korea are due to begin naval exercises in the Yellow Sea Sunday, days after a fatal North Korean attack on the South and with Pyongyang warning of "unpredictable consequences".

The West's war in Afghanistan is failing: Crisis Group

KABUL - A leading international think tank Sunday issued a damning review of the US-led war in Afghanistan and said NATO plans to end its combat mission by 2014 would lead to the Kabul government's collapse.

New drug tunnel found at US-Mexico border

SAN DIEGO – US border agents said on Friday they had found a multimillion dollar drug-smuggling tunnel under the US-Mexico border that is more sophisticated than one discovered less than three weeks ago in the same area.

S. Korea lays to rest marines killed in N. Korea attack

SEOUL – South Korea laid to rest two marines killed in North Korea's artillery strikes, on the eve of massive naval war games with the United States that have angered Pyongyang and its ally Beijing.

Obama hit during basketball game, gets stitches

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama was accidentally elbowed in the face while playing basketball on Friday and received 12 stitches to his lip, the White House said.

Teenage boys survive 50 days adrift in South Pacific

WELLINGTON – Three teenage boys set adrift for 50 days in a small boat in the South Pacific survived on coconuts, a seagull they managed to catch and by drinking rain and then sea water, rescuers said on Friday.

China urges Korean calm, warns over naval drills

SEOUL – China said on Friday it was determined to prevent an escalation of this week's violence on the Korean peninsula but warned against military acts near its coast as US and South Korean forces prepared for exercises in the Yellow Sea.

Saudi arrests 149 militants, most linked to Qaeda in Yemen

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia has arrested 149 suspected Al-Qaeda-linked militants in 19 separate cells planning attacks on state officials, foreigners and journalists, the interior ministry said on Friday.