OPINION: Looking a gift horse

Posted at 12/28/2016 5:06 AM

AS a Christmas gift to the sore losers of the last election, Duterte has repeatedly offered to resign—if the country adopts a constitutional change from unitary to federal government.

OPINION: Diversity

In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about why diversity matters and the benefits of hosting refugees.

OPINION: Loving it and eating it

In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about the excesses of the fourth estate and their impact on the political process.

OPINION: Oh, well

Posted at 12/27/2016 1:25 AM

ROQUE PLANAS, reporter for Huffington Post writes that Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos used the occasion of his Nobel Peace Prize “to urge a rethinking of thear on drugs, calling it ‘more dangerous’ than all world armed conflicts combined.”

OPINION: A problem from hell

Posted at 12/26/2016 5:58 PM

THE New York Times outlined the widespread Russian hacking into the American elections.

OPINION: Populating heaven

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about forgiveness and reconciliation amid a celestial demographic challenge.

OPINION: Meaning of Christmas

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about Christmas and the real change from within.

OPINION: Oh, well

Teddy Locsin Jr. Talks about the so-called “war on drugs” by two countries sharing the Pacific.

OPINION: Gift horse

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about an unusual gift from President Rodrigo Duterte to those who lost in the May elections. 

OPINION: 'Konteksto'

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about an anti-drug campaign, police shootings, and the importance of context.