OPINION: The answer maybe

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about the option of legalizing drugs as a way of addressing the Philippines' drug problem. 

OPINION: Cha-cha diplomacy

Posted at 10/22/2016 4:20 AM

Teddy Locsin, Jr. talks about shifting alliances and new political realities while teaching us the basic footwork of a classic Latin dance.

OPINION: Keeping an open mind 3

Posted at 10/20/2016 3:03 AM

Teddy Locsin Jr. argues why returning to the previous status quo may offer the Philippines a way out of the international flak over its war on drugs.

OPINION: Keep an open mind 2

Teddy Locsin Jr. offers another option amid the backlash against government's anti-drugs campaign.

Opinion: Keep an open mind

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about the country's war on drugs and offers a solution to address the international buzz it's been getting. 

OPINION: The king is dead

Posted at 10/15/2016 4:12 AM

What is democratic rule? It is the spur of the moment making decisions for the long future.

OPINION: You do not insult yourself

Teddy Locsin Jr. takes another look at the United Nations, and his role as the country's envoy to the international body.

OPINION: No cure

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about the drug menace in the country and if there's any hope in solving it.

OPINION: Two burials, one death

Teddy Locsin Jr. pays a final tribute to a woman he considers the Philippines' last best hope of democracy, Miriam Defensor Santiago.

OPINION: All the way

Posted at 10/11/2016 1:16 AM

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about the United States and its legacy to the world.