OPINION: Regrets

Teddy Locsin Jr. pays tribute to a graceful and passionate woman who devoted herself to the piano. A lady... known as Sari.

OPINION: Crowds and power

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about how the exercise of liberty is equally shaped by the rights of others.

OPINION: 'Isip muna'

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about the International Criminal Court and whether the Philippines should withdraw from the tribunal.

OPINION: Oral terrorism

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about Donald Trump's stunning political victory in the US elections and its dangerous repercussions from across the pond.

OPINION: There's hope

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about the American president-elect's campaign pledges and balancing reforms with popular opinion.

OPINION: In what spirit protesting

Posted at 11/26/2016 11:29 AM

How should people go to the streets? How should people react to the burial last Friday?

OPINION: Who is there left to trust?

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about mistrust and uncertainties as the country grapples with the drug problem.

OPINION: Milder is better

Teddy Locsin Jr. offers a different take on the drug problem and why we are struggling with the war on addiction.

OPINION: What People Power means

Teddy Locsin Jr. reminds us of the meaning and importance of a grassroots movement calling for social change.

OPINION: Living history by making it

In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about the protests over the burial of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.