Pulis, pinagbabaril sa labas ng simbahan sa Rizal

Patay ang isang pulis matapos pagbabarilin ng hindi pa nakikilalang mga salarin sa labas ng isang simbahan sa Rodriguez sa Rizal. 

SOCO: Husband wakes up with a dead wife

One morning, Edwin Chavenia woke up beside his wife, Anali. But when he tried to hug her, he was stunned to see her covered in blood. 

SOCO: Who killed 'Tropical Depression' frontman's widow, Teng Gamboa?

MANILA – In February last year, Maria Amparo "Teng" Gamboa began her day like all other days, attending to the usual things before leaving home to go to work as a call center agent. However, it did not end the same—her children never saw her alive again.

WATCH: Duterte does a funny Gus Abelgas impersonation

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday drew laughter when he mimicked the way ABS-CBN journalist Gus Abelgas pronounced the word "SOCO"

Gus Abelgas does 'mannequin challenge'

Veteran ABS-CBN reporter Gus Abelgas tried his hand at the popular "mannequin challenge," where people are frozen in action while a video is recorded.

Slain Mayor Espinosa shot 4 times, autopsy results show

Rolando Espinosa Sr., the mayor of Albuera, Leyte, was shot at least four times, with one bullet piercing through his body, autopsy results revealed Sunday. The autopsy also revealed the mayor could have been lying down when he was shot.

SOCO: Remembering the 1999 deadly Albay explosion

It's been 17 years, but the terror still lives on in the hearts of the people who survived the gruesome incident. 

WATCH: Gus Abelgas shares hidden talent on 'Magandang Buhay'

ABS-CBN journalist Gus Abelgas on Tuesday shared his hidden talent on "Magandang Buhay." 

SOCO: 'Killer maid' strikes in Baguio?

Who killed a girl who was found bloodied on a bathroom floor?

SOCO: Runaway lover turned killer

A woman thought she was off to a fresh start, until an angry former lover returned.