SOCO: Crime spree

Remedios Piosang had just finished checking on her billiards pub in Barangay Payatas in Quezon City and was about to go to bed when a gunshot reverberated into the night.

SOCO: Suicide

Their house was enveloped in darkness when April Cartajena came home late in the afternoon of March 12, 2009. A few moments later, she was shocked by what she discovered

SOCO: The Cavite massacre

Since the gate was padlocked, the authorities had to scale the perimeter walls to get inside. And when they were finally able to enter the house, they were greeted with a horrible scene

SOCO: Ambush

It’s been more than a year since Bienvenido Dosto Jr.’s brother was killed. And while their family have long mourned his passing away, the anguish from the way his brother was murdered was still there.

SOCO: Ka-barkada

“Mabait na bata. Nung siya ay nag-aaral, nagmamano at humahalik sa akin ‘yan,” Gloria Palomares fondly recalls about her daughter, Jojesma. Gloria also remembers how friendly her 16-year-old daughter was to the point that she had to caution her. 

SOCO: Magkapitbahay

Senior Police Officer (SPO) 2 Ramon Borre and his wife “Rose”, whose real identity shall be kept for security reasons, lived a peaceful life in Caloocan City.

SOCO: A bloody rivalry

Friendly. Kind-hearted. Obedient. That’s how Floriana Juliano described her son, Jay. But the 20-year-old boy also had a mischievous side.

SOCO: Fatal attraction

Muay Thai. A form of martial arts from Thailand that develops the speed, strength, agility and self-defense skills of a player.

SOCO: Burning love

Eleuterio Antonio vividly remembers how the fire engulfed the vehicle, consuming with it the life of the person inside—his sister Antonia. People were trying to help, dousing the car with water. But it was too late.

SOCO: Decapitated Love

How far would you go for love? Are you willing to let go...Or hold on until the very last breath?