SOCO: Jealous lover dumps partner in septic tank

Rose Ann and Asalim first met in 2005. At that time, Rose Ann was in a relationship. But Asalim pursued her until she eventually fell for for him.

SOCO: Man shot to death by lover's husband

Twenty-five-year-old Raymond Bilbao was a known ladies' man. But despite having many admirers, Raymond never settled down.

SOCO: Obsession drives man to kill young woman

Pretty, good-natured, and light-hearted. That's how the residents of Barangay Bila in Sison, Pangasinan described young Shanika Toquero.

Muntinlupa City's 2nd most wanted criminal caught

Nadakip ng Negros police ang second most wanted suspect sa Muntinlupa City na unang itinampok ng ABS-CBN-SOCO.

SOCO: Man's infidelity leads to own death

On February 22, 2012, Estelita Rayos was at home, resting, when her niece, April, came crying for help.

SOCO: Citizens pave way for arrest of murder suspects

Ronald "Rambo" Gracia hid from the law for more than two years after he was charged with murder and frustrated murder in 2011. His victims were Jomar Mendoza and his brother, Jonathan.

SOCO: 17-year-old girl slain by boyfriend's father

Richelle Talastas was only 17 when she entered a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Alvin Padilla. Despite her parents' objection, Richelle moved in with Alvin.

WATCH: Jayson Gainza does Gus Abelgas

Comedian Jayson Gainza channeled veteran journalist Gus Abelgas and his "SOCO" TV show on "Banana Nite" Friday.

Ants give hotel room boy tip on dead woman

MANILA - A 26-year old woman was found dead inside a room in Madia-as Hotel in Aldeguer Street, Iloilo City on Monday.

'Salvage' victim found under bridge in Caloocan

MANILA -- An alleged 'salvage' victim was found inside a garbage bag under a bridge in Sta. Quiteria, Caloocan City Monday afternoon.