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Salamat Dok: Make your own air freshener

It’s your rest day -- you are sleeping and relaxing then suddenly the smell of frying fish spreads throughout the house. The smell of fried fish is mouth watering but it’s also annoying especially when you’re dressed up for work or for a walk.

Salamat Dok: Cervical Cancer 101

Every woman is at risk of developing cervical cancer. There are estimated 50-80% women who may acquire HPV infection and the threat increase as women age

Salamat Dok: Retinoblastoma and Chient’s story

Chient was 3 months young when her mother noticed a whitish growth in her eyes. When it swelled, her mom Percy brought her to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed it as Retinoblastoma and recommended an operation.

Salamat Dok: Measles

It is summer time and diseases such as measles are prevalent.  Why? Experts say that during this time of the year the higher temperatures trigger the infection that makes it spreads easily.

Salamat Dok: World Health Day - Take your meds properly

For every illness, there’s a corresponding medications. What may be effective to some, may not work for others. Doctors stress that we follow their directions.

Salamat Dok: Remedy for minor burn injuries

Cooking is an exciting and fulfilling task but minor burns can’t be avoided. This same is also true in ironing clothes!

Salamat Dok: Practical makeup hygiene tips

MANILA, Philippines - Do you lick your eyeliner before you use it? Ooops, that’s a no-no! It’s not hygienic, experts say.

'Salamat Dok' seals pact with Manila Doctors

MANILA, Philippines - ABS-CBN's health TV program "Salamat Dok" sealed its partnership with Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) on Friday (March 25).

How to spot a bad mole

MANILA, Philippines - Moles are generally harmless, just like skin tags or "kuntil." But if these start to look suspicious, it's time to have them checked by a doctor, according to Dr. Ched Cruz.

Salamat Dok: Got milk?

Milk has substances needed by the body to do its daily functions. It is a source of macronutrients like proteins, fats and carbohydrates to produce energy.