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Salamat Dok: What to do with varicose veins?

Lucky are those who can wear shorts, short shorts, micro minis, swim suit and anything that can display the legs. Many are not as brave, if not hesitant, to try revealing fashion wear. One of the reasons for this is varicose veins. Famous celebrity doctor, Vicky Belo says, “70% of women have varicose veins, the remaining 30% comprise of men.”

Salamat Dok: Naturopathy - The healing power of nature

We’re in the digital age and scientists never cease to amaze us with the latest medical breakthroughs. Yet, with the technological advancement and wide use of conventional or western medicine, people still seek alternative healing options. That’s why many still queue at alternative healing centers, in spite of the fact that some of them can afford consulting with private doctors.

Salamat Dok: Natural beauty treatments

There’s always an answer to almost everything. Who says we can be beautiful without going to a salon or spa?

Salamat Dok: Home remedies for common illnesses

Are you looking for a relatively safe immediate relief to common health concerns? Well, don’t look too far; it might just be in your kitchen, backyard, in the neighborhood or at the vacant lot near your house.

Salamat Dok: New Year’s Resolution - I want to be sexy!

It is mid-January and the proms are on schedule. Valentine’s Day is just a month away, and many of us are still worrying on how to get rid of bulges

Salamat Dok: Why detoxify?

Reality check -- every day we are exposed to poison and chemicals from the environment. We breathe it, drink it and eat it.

Salamat Dok: ZZZzzz…What’s the Big Deal?

You are not a rock fan but your colleagues see you head-banging at your work station. Somebody taps at you. It’s the middle of the day and you fell asleep! You simply couldn’t control your eyes. 

Salamat Dok: Alternative options for better health

Traditional medicine dates back thousands of years. It has benefitted and proven by our ancestors.

Salamat Dok: Holiday ills and blues

It’s the time of the year they say. Festivities are everywhere. There are parties left and right. Of course, it’s not complete without the irresistible food. Smiles are everywhere but health concerns should not be ignored.

Salamat Dok: Family Planning - To poke or not to poke

With the current national population at 94 million and steadily growing, family planning has now become the practical choice among Filipinos.