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Designer Francis Libiran shares fashion secret

Filipino designer Francis Libiran won the admiration of American model Tyra Banks with his creations.

Pinoy chemical engineer becomes millionaire in India

MANILA, Philippines - A Filipino chemical engineer related how he made his first million in India.

How Pinay became 'queen of convenience stores' in New Delhi

MANILA, Philippines - New Delhi's "queen of convenience stores" didn't inherit the throne like those lucky enough to be born into royalty. She also didn't rely on magic for help. In fact, she isn't even Indian.

Pinoy gaining fame in Chinese martial arts scene

Filipino Vince Soberano went to China to work as a software engineer. But he left his job to follow his heart. Now, he is slowly making a name in the martial arts scene in China.--Rated K, September 1, 2013

Pinay becomes Delhi's 'convenience store queen'

Filipina Paz de Vera started working in a bakery in the Philippines. But now, de Vera is making her dreams come true as the "queen of convenience stores" in India's capital.

Melanie Marquez shares love story with 'Rated K'

The concept of love and loss is no stranger to former beauty queen and actress Melanie Marquez. 

Papa Jack recalls life before fame

Radio DJ Papa Jack, John Gemperle in real life, is easily the go-to guy when it comes love advice. But fame and fortune was never easy for him.

8.5 million Filipino families food-poor: SWS

MANILA – An estimated 8.5 million Filipino families claim they are "food-poor," a survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) revealed.

Dina Bonnevie shares family recipe

Actress Dina Bonnevie takes pride in her family's tradition of cooking. Together with her daughter Danica, she shares a family recipe called Prawn Bonnevie.

Family of 30 lives in one small house

In Barangay Malanday, Marikina, a family of more than 30 members lives in one small house. How do they do it?