Patrol ng Pilipino

Patrol ng Pilipino: Bata, bata, madumi ka yata?

MANILA, Philippines -- The problems of public education -- the lack of classrooms, teachers, books, comfort rooms and water -- welcome students every schoolyear.

Patrol ng Pilipino: Finding your soulmate - the Indian Sikh way

Known for their vibrant and festive wedding ceremonies, The Sikhs’ traditional beliefs and practices on marriage add color and meaning to the day they call “Anand Karaj” or the union of two souls.

Patrol ng Pilipino: “PISTA Y Ang KAGUEBAN” (Feast of the Forest ala Palawan)

No mines, no factories. It’s amazing how Puerto Princesa, Palawan, turned out to be quite an affluent province without them.

Patrol ng Pilipino: Likas Vitas

Five hundred fifteen familes. Two hundred twenty-seven units. Five decades of residence.

Patrol ng Pilipino: The secret brotherhood of Masons

From an old religion, Masonry evolved into a continuous line of brotherhood that seeks to find truth and the propagation of peace. Although Masonry is a group known by the public, there are still things people cannot figure out about it, and which leave those outside this secret society intrigued.

Patrol ng Pilipino: Of divorce and an Indian wedding

In a predominantly Catholic country like the Philippines, marriage is considered sacred.

Patrol ng Pilipino: An in-depth look at fishkills

MANILA, Philippines – The fishkills in Batangas and Pangasinan were all over the news this past week. They caused fishermen to lose almost P40 million in income and affected the livelihood of people in several towns in the 2 provinces.

Patrol ng Pilipino: Leviste - prisoner living in style

A jar of cereals, a bottle of cooking oil and copy of a newspaper with Manny Pacquiao’s recent fight on the front page was found inside former Batangas Governor Antonio Leviste’s private hut with a balcony overlooking a serene body of water.

Patrol ng Pilipino: Cutud

When it comes to physical penitence, what could be more gratifying than taking on the nails of the cross? Take a look into the lives of people who engage in self-flagellation during the Cutud Lenten rites in Pampanga.

Patrol ng Pilipino: Ang pagbibinata ni Totoy

More than 1,500 boys were circumcised in Marikina’s attempt to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of circumcisions in one day.