Matanglawin: Philippine marine biodiversity

Kuya Kim gets to know the many creatures that live under the sea to find out how important it is to maintain our unique marine biodiversity!

Matanglawin: Animals like Jose Rizal

His name is on street signs and his face on the peso, but this time around, Kuya Kim introduces animals with qualities like our national hero!

Matanglawin: Kings of the animal kingdom

When it comes to being kings, these animals rule. But when it comes to being dads, they’re the best!

Matanglawin: Animal masters of deception

Kuya Kim goes head to head with the animal masters of trickery and illusion! Will they be able to fool the Trivia King on this expedition?

Matanglawin: Animal love II

Love is truly universal, as Kuya Kim finds that it’s the key to a lot of animals’ survival!

Matanglawin: Science of flight

Look, what’s there up in the sky? It’s Kuya Kim and Teddy trying all sorts of ways to fly!

Matanglawin: Kuya Kim - Desert dweller

What’s to be found in a place where it’s summer all year-round? And how can Kuya Kim survive in the desert if there’s no water to be found? Read on to find out!

Kim Atienza won't go into politics anymore

MANILA, Philippines - Kim Atienza, “Showtime” host and “TV Patrol’s” resident weatherman, has closed the door on politics.

Matanglawin: Animal Moms and their Babies

If you think babies are cute in the animal kingdom, this Mother’s Day special will surely melt your heart as Kuya Kim reveals how animal mothers take care of their young!

Matanglawin: Science of Acrobats

Ever watched the circus and wondered how acrobats can walk on wire and fly through the air? Wonder no more because Kuya Kim and Teddy will be  acrobats for a day and Matanglawin will show you how acrobats pull it off!