Matanglawin: Extreme Animals

From the fastest to the laziest, join Kuya Kim in his quest to get to know some of the most extreme animals on the planet!

Matanglawin: Pinoy zombie

This Halloween you’re in for a treat because a Pinoy Zombie or Amaranhig on Matanglawin you will get to meet!

Matanglawin: All about death

Why do we hold wakes and offer flowers when we die? In this All about Death episode, Kuya Kim will find out why!

Matanglawin: Urban jungle

Behind a city’s hustle and bustle, a jungle is thriving and alive. Now it’s up to Kuya Kim to find out how they survive!

Matanglawin: Strange in the city

If animals you don’t see every day is your thing, just wait for the surprises Kuya Kim will bring!

Matanglawin: Sikat sa kalye!

Join Kuya Kim as he matches wits with fliptop emcees who are street smart and later on meet people who consider different animal poses and planking as an exercise and art!

Matanglawin: Of exotic pets and how a monkey stole from Teddy!

What would you do if your home was like a zoo? Join Kuya Kim as he visits exotic pet owners and ride along with Teddy as Kuya Kim surprises him with a one-of-a-kind vacation!

Matanglawin: The world of cats

For this adventure, do you wonder where Kuya Kim is at? He’s spending time with lots and lots of cats! But is it true that cats are akin to witches? Or will a wave of a lucky cat’s paw bring in riches?

Matanglawin: Animal Martial Arts!

Kuya Kim learns martial arts moves from martial arts legends Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan! How is this possible? Read on to find out!

Matanglawin: Science of fear and phobia

Is the brave and bold Kuya Kim afraid of anything? What is the difference between a fear and a phobia? Read on to learn more and discover what your favorite Kapamilya stars are afraid of!