Matanglawin: Teddy and Kuya Kim rock it out

Showtime’s rocker Teddy Corpuz is in for a big surprise, when he gives a day in a life of a bat and a frog a try. But will these challenges be a match for Teddy? Don’t be fooled if Kuya Kim makes it look so easy!

ABS-CBN fetes network's best and brightest

MANILA, Philippines - The creative teams behind ABS-CBN's top-rating teleseryes, the successor to the legendary Ernie Baron and a former security guard who worked her way through the ranks to become a true-blue Kapamilya are just some of the awardees in the 2009 Walk on Water (WOW) Awards: ABS-CBN Special Recognition Program.

Matanglawin: Goal!

Football in the Philippines is fast catching-on and Kuya Kim won’t certainly miss the opportunity to learn all about this interesting sport.

Matanglawin: Kuya Kim and the giant fish

How does it feel to swim alongside the biggest fish in the world? Join Kuya Kim in the last part of Matanglawin’s two-part 3rd year anniversary special to find out!

Matanglawin: Catchy and colorful in the animal kingdom

Get to know animals that use catchy and attention-grabbing colors, not only to make them prettier but to protect, camouflage and defend themselves better!

Matanglawin: Finding Tawiki

How else to start the new year right by revisiting one of the most beautiful natural tourist hotspots in the Philippines and searching for the mysterious tawiki?

Matanglawin: The Secrets of Noah’s Ark

It was said in the bible that God flooded the Earth with 40 days of non-stop rain and only the chosen ones who were on Noah’s Ark were able to start anew. But can a flooded world and a big ship really be true?

Producer’s Cut: Man vs Beast in Matanglawin

He shoots, he throws, he runs and scores! But in the ultimate face-off between man and beast, who will bring home the gold?

Matanglawin: Mad Science!

Kuya Kim the Magician? Or Kuya Kim the Mad Scientist? How about a bit of both and a whole lot of Matanglawin?

Matanglawin: Hidwaang bampira vs taong lobo!

When it comes to being the fiercest, the strongest and the most feared among the creatures of the night, who takes the crown? Vampires or werewolves?