Matanglawin: Amazing Thailand Adventure! (Part 3)

Kuya Kim and Melai are on their last lap for Matanglawin’s Amazing Thailand Adventure, but before they leave, they meet up with some gigantic guests and celebrate the Thai New Year with a splash!

Matanglawin: Amazing Thailand Adventure! (Part 2)

Kuya Kim and Melai are back to continue Matanglawin’s Amazing Thailand Adventure! Would our guest host be as brave as our Trivia King when she encounters Thailand’s famous tigers?

Matanglawin: Amazing Thailand Adventure! (4th Anniversary special)

Sawadee krap! Join Trivia King Kuya Kim and guest host Melai Cantiveros as Matanglawin journeys to Thailand, also known as the Land of Smiles and Land of the Free, on Matanglawin’s 4th Year Anniversary!

Matanglawin: Green revolution!

Become a Green Warrior for the environment and join Kuya Kim, Melai and Matanglawin’s Green Revolution!

'Matanglawin' celebrates 4th anniversary

MANILA, Philippines – For the fourth anniversary of multi-awarded educational program "Matanglawin," Kuya Kim and "Pinoy Big Brother" grand winner Melai Cantiveros will embark on a daring adventure in Bangkok, Thailand.

Matanglawin: Fun in the Sun!

Summer’s around the corner and even Kuya Kim and Melai are ready to have fun and get wet! But before that here are their summer tips and trivia to make sure you’re all set!

Matanglawin: Historical road of many names

If you live in the busy parts of the metro, chances are, you’ve passed this road many times. But how much do you really know about EDSA?

Matanglawin: Black and white

Imagine a world that’s only black and white…can Kuya Kim convince you to make it worth your while?

Matanglawin: Dangerous and dirty jobs, Kuya Kim style!

It’s been more than three years since Kuya Kim became the host of Matanglawin…is now the time for him to consider a change in his career?

Matanglawin: Do you know how to face danger?

Kuya Kim keeps his cool when in danger, so it’s best to learn from him what to do during a worst case scenario!