Kim Atienza won't go into politics anymore

MANILA, Philippines - Kim Atienza, “Showtime” host and “TV Patrol’s” resident weatherman, has closed the door on politics.

Matanglawin: Animal Moms and their Babies

If you think babies are cute in the animal kingdom, this Mother’s Day special will surely melt your heart as Kuya Kim reveals how animal mothers take care of their young!

Matanglawin: Science of Acrobats

Ever watched the circus and wondered how acrobats can walk on wire and fly through the air? Wonder no more because Kuya Kim and Teddy will be  acrobats for a day and Matanglawin will show you how acrobats pull it off!  

Matanglawin: The Secrets of Noah’s Ark

It was said in the bible that God flooded the Earth with 40 days of non-stop rain and only the chosen ones who were on Noah’s Ark were able to start anew. But can a flooded world and a big ship really be true?

Matanglawin: The last ecological frontier

Saving the earth has never been this educational and fun as Kuya Kim takes on the last ecological frontier in the Philippines.

Matanglawin: Kuya Kim and the giant fish

How does it feel to swim alongside the biggest fish in the world? Join Kuya Kim in the last part of Matanglawin’s two-part 3rd year anniversary special to find out!

Matanglawin: 3rd anniversary special

Matanglawin turns three! And this time, the adventure for knowledge takes Kuya Kim to Sorsogon to search for the largest fish in the world.

Matanglawin: Hidwaang bampira vs taong lobo!

When it comes to being the fiercest, the strongest and the most feared among the creatures of the night, who takes the crown? Vampires or werewolves?

Matanglawin: Disasters like dominoes- Tsunami to nuclear meltdowns

It might be coincidence, or it might be the notorious domino effect at work. First it was an earthquake that triggered a tsunami and most recently, an impending threat of a nuclear meltdown.  What’s the world coming to? Read on to know.

Matanglawin: Tsunami and earthquake alert

The tsunami that swept Japan last March 11 caught the whole world by surprise. Now the question is: can it happen to us, too?