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Andal Ampatuan Sr. now comatose, lawyer says

(UPDATED) Andal Ampatuan, Sr., the alleged brains behind the Maguindanao massacre, has fallen into a coma, his lawyer Sal Panelo said Tuesday night.

Is Andal Ampatuan Sr. terminally ill?

A private prosecutor in the Maguindanao massacre trial is unconvinced Andal Ampatuan, Sr., one of the main suspects in the mass killings, is terminally ill.

PH warlord on trial for massacre 'dying of cancer'

MANILA, Philippines - The patriarch of a political clan who is on trial for the Philippines' worst political massacre is dying of liver cancer, his lawyer said Thursday.

Andal Sr. only has '3 to 6 months to live'

MANILA - Former Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. only has three to six months to live, his doctor said in a medical certificate obtained by The STAR.

Andal Sr. diagnosed with liver cirrhosis

MANILA - Former Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. has asked the court handling the Maguindanao massacre case to allow him to undergo medical examination at a government hospital after he was diagnosed to be suffering from liver cirrhosis.

'Notebook' witness sues Mangudadatu

MANILA - Jerramy Joson now accuses Maguindanao Governor Esmael Mangudadatu and his lawyer, Nena Santos and several others of serious illegal detention.

Mangudadatu goes to court over 'fake notebook'

MANILA - Maguindanao Governor Esmael "Toto" Mangudadatu filed perjury and libel charges against Jerramy Joson, the woman who has accused him and his lawner Nena Santos as the ones responsible for a notebook that purportedly contains the names of Department of Justice (DOJ) officials and prosecutors, and other individuals, allegedly bribed by the Ampatuan clan to compromise the Maguindanao massacre case.

OSG to CA: Reverse bail grant for Sajid

MANILA - The Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) has asked the Court of Appeals (CA) to set aside the order of the Quezon City court handling the Maguindanao massacre case that granted the bail petition of former provincial officer-in-charge Sajid Islam Ampatuan.

Mistranslation sealed Maguindanao massacre victims' fate - witness

MANILA - Former Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. may have mistranslated the word “media” when he ordered his son, Andal Jr., to kill all the victims of the Maguindanao massacre, according to a witness whose testimony was among those considered in the denial of his bail plea.

DOJ scores in Maguindanao massacre case

MANILA - A court said there is strong evidence against Andal Ampatuan, Sr., patriarch of the Ampatuan political clan of Maguindanao, who stands accused of multiple charges of murder in connection with the November 23, 2009 Maguindanao massacre which left 58 people, mostly journalists, dead.