Big city, tiny apartment: small-scale living is new trend in US

SEATTLE, Washington - Aaron McConnell doesn't mind sharing a kitchen with seven neighbors. He's fine in living quarters with just enough room for a twin bed, a corner desk and little else. Closets? Forget about it - he stores his clothing and other possessions on shelves and hooks.

Vinegar test cuts cervical cancer deaths: study

CHICAGO, Illinois -- A simple vinegar test could prevent 73,000 deaths from cervical cancer worldwide each year, the authors of a large-scale study of women in India said Sunday. 

Meet blind singer who sounds like Karen Carpenter

Nante and Anna spend their whole day singing on sidewalks to earn for their family. 

How to take care of a crocodile

There is always a job available to those who are not too picky. Rey, for instance, takes care of thousands of crocodiles for a living, a job that requires a lot of courage. 

Marc Logan reports: PGT 4 finalists

Anim na Pinoy talents ang huhusgahan sa finale ng Pilipinas Got Talent season 4 matapos silang mag-perform. Muli natin silang kilatisin sa mga kwento ni Marc Logan. TV Patrol, June 2, 2013, TV Patrol

Group warns against toxic school supplies

Nagbabala ang isang environmental group laban sa mga school supplies na may mataas na lead content. May payo naman ng DTI sa mga mamimili. Nagpa-Patrol si Apples Jalandoni. TV Patrol, June 2, 2013, Linggo

Malls near Serendra packed with shoppers after blast

Sa kabila ng pagsabog, dagsa pa rin ang mga tao sa mga mall malapit sa Two Serendra condomonium lalo't marami ang nagba-back to school shopping. Nagpa-Patrol si Jenny Reyes. TV Patrol, June 2, 2013, Linggo

Netizens laud Charice for coming out

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to express support for Charice after she finally ended speculations about her sexual preference. 

Fashion trend: Stripes

A favorite from the spring/summer runways, stripes serve as a compromise for women who are afraid to step into print territory. 

Top Pinoy bands coming to a city near you

KALIBO, Philippines -- Gloc-9 was a special guest and neophyte to the Tanduay First Five national tour, which kicked off in this urbanizing city in the southern island of Panay.