Gadgets and Tech

PC sales in Asia-Pacific rise in Q3

SINGAPORE - Sales of personal computers (PCs) in the Asia-Pacific region rose 17 percent from a year ago to 23.4 million units in the third quarter, an industry monitor said Tuesday.

U2 to stream entire concert live on YouTube

LONDON – U2 will stream an entire concert live on the YouTube video sharing site this weekend, the Irish band said on their website.

Yahoo! apologizes for lap dance at event in Taiwan

TAIPEI - US Internet company Yahoo! has apologized to Taiwanese clients over a lap dance show organized during a brainstorming meeting for Internet engineers in Taipei over the weekend.

Unspoken rules govern cell phone etiquette

NEW YORK - It may not seem like it when commuters are shouting down their cell phones to the dismay of other passengers but most Americans believe there are unspoken rules about mobile phone etiquette.

Fake security software in millions of computers: Symantec

WASHINGTON - Tens of millions of US computers are loaded with scam security software that their owners may have paid for but which only makes the machines more vulnerable, according to a new Symantec report on cybercrime.

Google goes global with Apps

SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc said more than 2 million businesses now use its online office software, and the Web search leader is going global on Monday with an advertising campaign to lure customers away from Microsoft Corp and IBM products.

Despite popularity, Twitter still seeking ways to cash in

SEOUL - Micro-blogging pioneer Twitter is still looking for ways to make money despite taking much of the world by storm, co-founder Biz Stone said Wednesday.

Electric cars generate buzz ahead of Tokyo show

TOKYO - Move over hybrids -- the biggest buzz at this year's Tokyo Motor Show looks set to come from electric cars as the dream of affordable zero-emission vehicles moves closer to reality.

Apple lets iPhone apps get down to business

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple said Friday that it is allowing businesses to sell content or services through applications given away for free at the iPhone maker's online App Store.

Mommy bloggers take centerstage in Vegas expo

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - For years, the stereotypical blogger was a geek yammering on about the latest technoglogy or a celebrity-obsessed scribe dishing about Paris, Lindsay and Madonna.