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80% of 'Happy Farm' users from Taiwan

TAIPEI - Taiwan on Thursday issued a blanket ban on Internet games in government offices, following reports of civil servants immersing themselves in a Facebook game in office hours.

Windows 7 to salvage Vista 'train wreck'

SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft releases Windows 7 to the world on Thursday as the US software giant tries to regain its stride after an embarrassing stumble with the previous generation operating system Vista.

McCain daughter sorry for Twitter cleavage photo

WASHINGTON - Meghan McCain, one of the daughters of former Republican presidential candidate John McCain, has apologized for using Twitter to post a picture in which she displayed an ample amount of cleavage.

Smear campaign vs Villar, Noynoy hits YouTube

MANILA - While some politicians are now using the power of the Internet to reach out to the public, others are using the popular online video sharing website YouTube to launch demolition jobs against the country’s top presidential bets.

White House criticism of Fox increasing ratings: Murdoch

NEW YORK - News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch said on Friday that White House criticism of commentators on his Fox News television channel had served to "tremendously" increase their ratings.

Schwarzenegger praises tech, chides wife in Oracle cameo

SAN FRANCISCO - A gala Oracle conference ended Wednesday with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praising technology and joking about online video of his wife driving while chatting on a mobile phone.

Cut down on Facebook use, Taiwan PM tells civil servants

TAIPEI - Taiwan Premier Wu Den-yih on Wednesday urged civil servants to focus on their work after reports said that a growing number of them were spending office time on Facebook.

Pardon my bootleg: Navigating China's pirated waters

SHANGHAI - I confess, my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, the latest version of Microsoft's Windows franchise, was just that: a copy.

I picked it up at a shop in a subway station near my house for 20 yuan, or less than $3 -- about the price of a bowl of soupy pork noodles available across Shanghai.

Smartphones weigh on mobile networks: study

HELSINKI - A smartphone generates much less mobile data traffic than a laptop with a data card, but phones impose a load on the network which is much larger than anticipated, a study showed on Wednesday.

Crisis mapping brings clarity to humanitarian response

LONDON - In the chaos that usually follows a natural disaster, taking the time to create maps may seem low down on the priority list when a rapid response is key to helping to save lives.