South Korea's culture is made known to Filipinos through its drama series and K-Pop music, but this cafe in Parañaque seeks to introduce South Korea through its dessert and coffee selections.

A spacious and cozy cafe, Cafe IF is a perfect space not just to experience South Korea's coffee and dessert culture, but also to escape from the chaotic streets of the Metro.

Cafe IF stands for "Cafe Ice Flakes", so naturally the cafe specializes in serving delighting cold treats.

The pride of the Cafe is its Korean Bingsu or Milk Snow desert made of finely-shaven frozen full-cream milk and is served in a large bowl.

Cafe IF offers various flavors of the Milk Snow and topping the list is the Injeolmi Milk Snow which is made of the rice cake Injeolmi and is topped with almonds and soy powder. For a delighting fruity treat, the Strawberry Milk Snow is also available.

Light snacks too have a place in the Cafe. Among the snacks served is the Injeolmi toast, a sandwich filled with Injeolmi and topped with almonds and soy powder.

The Cafe also serves both hot and cold coffee drinks, frappes, tea and smoothies.