Christmas gift ideas for gadget fans

By Caroline J. Howard, ANC

Posted at Nov 27 2010 04:06 PM | Updated as of Nov 28 2010 12:24 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Smartphones and cameras with more flexibility are high on the wish list of tech-savvy gadget fanatics.

Speaking on "[email protected]", Alora Guerrero, Managing Editor of said more and more people are switching to smartphones with various features for their needs.


There's the recently-launched HTC Desire HD, which offers 4.2 inches with Android 2.2 out of the box for P35,000.


The HTC Desire Z has slightly bigger keys on its keypad.


Slightly more affordable (P32,000) is the newly-launched HTC Desire Z which boasts of a portable hotspot, slightly bigger keys on its keypad, and an Android froyo.

The HTC 7 Mozart is the new Windows Phone 7 operating system which also has a hub like a computer that allows you to pin application features to your screen.

There's also the Android 2.2. LG Optimus One (P12,900) but the cheapest price still belongs to the Samsung Galaxy 5.


The Blackberry Torch incorporates the keypad and touchscreen features together.


The Blackberry Torch offers the best of both worlds by incorporating the keypad and touchscreen features (around P25,000 in the US).


The market also offers a new camera that gives the flexibility of a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera without the bulk (P30,000).



Guerrero said camera manufacturers are looking at interchangeable lens models that offer the versatility of a DSLR but with a compact body, and the size of a regular point and shoot camera.

She added that while the Olympus has a retro look, this and the Sony NEX 5 camera have a modern look and more playful designs compared to regular DSLRs.

Those who go for more edge can fork out P20,000 for a 3-D camera, or P19,000 for a front-facing dual camera that allows anyone to take a shot of themselves with their favorite subject.



Until January 2011, Samsung cameras even come with an Aranaz wrist strap.