Canon launches new power printers

by Leilani Chavez,

Posted at Sep 10 2010 02:56 PM | Updated as of Sep 10 2010 11:02 PM

MANILA, Philippines - In the age of digital cameras and quick-prints, old school photographers need not drop by printing shops to have their photos reprinted as they could directly print at home through one of Canon’s all-in-one PIXMA printers.

The PIXMA MG8170 is one of the 5 new mid- to high-end printers in the recently-released PIXMA series. Sporting a glossy black frame, the MG8170 can scan film negatives and either directly print them out or be saved in flash drives.


The Canon MG8170 printer can scan film negatives.


The black box also boasts of the new Intelligent Touch System, which Canon Marketing Philippines Inc (CMPI) claims to be the first in the ink-jet printer market.

“We have a new propriety technology called the intelligent touch system. It's a technology where the printer is solid black when shut down and when you turn it on, the controls automatically light up,” Jill Santiago, CMPI marketing manager, told during a product launch last Thursday.

Targeted for photographers and hobbyists, the printer comes with a film adapter which allows users to insert a 35 mm film. It scans a maximum of 6 frames at the same time in 920 dpi resolution. The photos can be printed in either 4" x 6" or 8.5" x 11" sizes.

“As Canon, we make cameras that have high resolutions and we want our printers to accommodate the quality of the photographs,” Santiago explained.

Currently the premiere PIXMA printer that costs a whopping P19,295, the MG8170 is also capable of a full HD movie print. Through this feature, owners can link their video cameras and print chosen frames as stills.

“Most SLR (single lens reflex) cameras are capable of getting high-definition movies and all our printers come with a bundled software in which you can load your movie and select a frame and print it out as a simple picture,” Santiago added while clicking through the buttons of the MG8170.

Additional draw cards are the printer’s Wi-Fi ready system and an optional Bluetooth feature. It also has a Flickr Integration Photo Print, which allows users to import pictures from photo-sharing site Flickr and be printed with a click of the button.

The new line, described by Canon as the "epitome of class and power", follows the black “no boundaries” design and has a quick-start function and easy to navigate keys. Photos can be printed in as fast as 20 seconds.


The Canon Pixma MG5270 costs P8,495.


Currently registering the highest sales of ink-jet printers for the first half of 2010, the current line is expected to further strengthen Canon’s top hold of the market.

“This is our new technology that we will be adapting in future models,” Santiago said.

Aside from the MG8170, Canon also launched 4 other all-in-one printers: PIXMA iP4870 (P6,495), PIXMA MP497 (P4,495), PIXMA MG5270 (8,495), and PIXMA MX876.

All these include a direct disc print option, Full HD Movie Print, and Easy Web Print systems. For more information on the designs, models, and capacities, visit

Photos courtesy of Canon Philippines.