How full-time YouTube users are making profit

By Jeo Angelo Chico Elamparo and Clarisse Orfinada,

Posted at Feb 28 2014 12:07 PM | Updated as of Feb 28 2014 10:39 PM

MANILA – There are a lot of things YouTube users can do to maximize their own channels.

This is what the speakers from the popular video-hosting website YouTube said during a workshop held at the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City on Thursday.

The first ever Philippine YouTube Pop-Up Workshop aims to explain to YouTube users how they can effectively attract more subscribers and make a living just by uploading videos on their channels.

YouTube Philippines Content Partnerships Manger Trixie Canivel said that YouTube is a great platform for Filipinos because it is accessible to everyone.

“Anyone can be on YouTube. A lot of people get on Youtube because they want to create videos about doing stuff that they love,” she said.

Canivel cited the story of now-popular YouTuber Lloyd Cadena, whose series of video blogs online has attracted more than 175,000 subscribers. Cadena’s videos prominently tackle topics related to romance, schooling and the local lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender community, among others.

She also said that what YouTube users do not know is that they can actually make profit just by posting videos on their channels.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that actually, you can turn that [your videos] into a business by turning ads on and monetizing your videos and working with sponsors to be able to really turn it to a viable opportunity for you,” Canivel said.

An example of YouTube users who have enjoyed the monetizing feature of the website is real-life couple Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu or more popularly known as “Jamich”. During the workshop, the couple admitted that during a one-month period, they are able to make a six-digit revenue out of the videos they upload.

Canivel, meanwhile, stressed that in order for YouTubers to attract more subscribers, they must work on developing their channels. For starters, YouTubers must establish authentic and unique channels which should be maintained on a regular basis. This, according to Canivel, is a sure way to build a strong fan base.

Following the workshop, a panel which consists of popular YouTube users and channel heads spoke before the members of the press. They include ABS-CBN YouTube Channel Strategies Head Dennis Lim, Jamich, PaperbugTV Channel representatives Jako de Leon and Marco Ho (more popularly known as comedian Bogart the Explorer), and Filipino-Canadian YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos.

YouTube – still a growing platform

Google Philippines Country Marketing Manager Ryan Morales claimed that with over one billion subscribers every month, YouTube is now one of the most influential online platforms in the world.

“If you fit the Internet and the denominator, [that is] almost one out of every two people. So 50% of the entire internet population watches YouTube on a monthly basis. And if you are to make YouTube a country, it will be the third largest country next to China and India,” he said.

Morales revealed that in the Philippines, YouTube is gradually gaining followers among mobile users who opt to watch videos on their mobile devices.

“But the one thing you might not know is in the Philippines is actually hype. That almost a third of YouTube’s traffic in the Philippines is through mobile devices,” he said.