Google+ now has meme generator


Posted at Jan 20 2012 11:19 AM | Updated as of Jan 20 2012 07:20 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Google+ has added the ability to create new Internet meme designs using photos that are uploaded to the fast-growing social network, which is vying with Facebook to be the hub for people's online lives.

Google senior software engineer Colin McMillen said users can create a meme by dropping a photo into the sharebox on Google+ and adding text underneath it.

"Adding a few words can turn a silly photo into a ROFL (an Internet acronym for rolling on the floor, laughing), or draw attention to what you find most interesting," McMillen said in a post on his Google+ account.

"Type in something funny, then share and enjoy," he added.

The creation of the memes is similar to the popular Meme Generator site. But instead of providing photo templates, the Google+ feature relies on the users' own images.