CES reveals 2011 high-tech gadgets in Las Vegas

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Jan 06 2011 03:40 PM | Updated as of Jan 06 2011 11:40 PM

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – It was a “sneak” preview of the most modern devices for 2011.

Tablets, phones, cameras, sound system, TVs and the hottest computer inventions were among the most in-demand gadgets this year as featured at the 44th annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Lenovo debuts LePad, its first tablet that runs on Android 2.2. The device looks exactly like a net-book but the surprise comes when one clicks it -- it turns into a tablet.

It’s handy and not too pricey for Windows and Android users. It has an all-in-one build.

“Right now in China, just the stand alone, just the tablet is in a $500 range. But the entire kit in the $1300 range,” Lenovo spokesperson, Stephen Miller said.

Then out came the latest in-car multimedia system from Toyota called the Entune.

Toyota launched this for consumers who want to stay connected while on the road--yet keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Entune, a built-in dash board device, has a variety of applications that could be accessed through voice commands or finger touches on the screen. No plugs needed.

A Toyota spokesperson said, “What it does allow you to do though, is to access its features either using touch or the advanced voice recognition which make it very safe.”

The latest trend in headphones and earpieces with unique designs was also introduced.

Charleston Perez of DJ Ear Waxx said, “At aerial 7 we really stressed on quality but yet we also keep a good eye on style hipness and everything.”

The latest in kitchen appliances was an oven that keeps food moist.

The son of R&B legend Bob Marley, Rohan Anthony Marley, was also present to introduce alternative styles of personal entertainment. He showed off a boom box made of bamboo.

Marley said, “We created a line of consumer electronics products that are eco friendly, using recyclable materials being sustainable. It’s a little different from everyone, we are using aluminum, things that are waste conscious, earth conscious, the mind.”

More exhibitors, attendees, and visitors are expected to arrive this year compared to last year.

CES management said they are projecting nearly $1 trillion in electronics sales for 2011. Balitang America