Lawmakers catch heat for ogling girls in bikinis

Agence France-Presse

Posted at Jul 12 2012 12:46 AM | Updated as of Jul 12 2012 08:46 AM

GUATEMALA CITY - Demonstrators Tuesday called for the resignation of a pair of Guatemalan lawmakers photographed at their bench desks gawking at cellphone images of bikini-clad girls.

Instead of sizing up the merits of a bill, Jose Gandara, 67, and Carlos Rafael Fion, 59, were snapped at their bench on Thursday evaluating models in tiny swimwear.

By Tuesday, a few dozen masked and mostly young protesters were calling for them to step down.

"Hit the road, you talented lawmakers," chanted the crowd outside the legislature, slamming the duo as representing the "porn delegation" and asking for their resignations.

For the offenders, the issue was not liberal or conservative, just overblown.

"If I have offended anyone, I publicly apologize, but I have not done anything wrong," Gandara told reporters covering the demonstration.