Methanol-spiked liquor kills 10 people


Posted at Jul 06 2012 01:43 AM | Updated as of Jul 06 2012 09:43 AM

TEGUCIGALPA - At least 10 people died earlier this week in central Honduras after drinking adulterated alcohol, an official said on Thursday.

The victims came from a rural area around Siguatepeque, a city 90 kilometers north of the capital, Tegucigalpa, T omas Guevara, a health ministry official, told Reuters.

Most died on Monday, probably after drinking the methanol-spiked moonshine over the weekend, Guevara said.

"We are continuing to look for other victims in the region and we also have more patients recovering in local hospitals," Guevara added.

Methanol is a potent form of alcohol that can damage the kidneys and liver, leading to blindness and even death.

Guevara said authorities have banned the sale of alcohol in the region for 48 hours and confiscated hundreds of cases of the offending spirit.