Hero dog Kabang makes it to Yahoo! year in review


Posted at Dec 27 2012 06:06 PM | Updated as of Dec 28 2012 05:24 AM

MANILA, Philippines – A dog from the Philippines that lost her snout after leaping in front of a motorcycle to save two girls has been included in the “Impressive Animals” list of search engine giant Yahoo! this year.

Kabang ranked sixth in the list, which was part of Yahoo!’s “2012 Year in Review.” The dog was cited for her “good deeds.”

“Kabang, a dog from the Philippines, proved particularly heroic after stepping in front of a speeding motorcycle and saving the lives of two children. Kabang lost her snout in the process,” Yahoo! noted.

“A veterinary clinic from the University of California, Davis has pledged to surgically replace the dog’s missing snout. Kabang’s recovery, including treatment for an aggressive tumor, will likely cause more than $10,000,” it added.

Topping the “Impressive Animals” list of Yahoo! is a stingray “photobombing” three women, followed by a purple squirrel in Pennsylvania.

Landing in third place is a daschund mix named Beyonce, which may be the world’s smallest dog, followed by 40-pound tabby cat Garfield and a Pomeranian named Boo, the so-called cutest dog in the world.

A loyal German shepherd named Capitan ranked seventh, followed by a crew of pit bulls that destroyed a minivan looking for a frightened kitten; a gorilla carrying a toddler; and a 25-foot long reticulated python.

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