How to look fab for the holidays

By Karen Galarpe,

Posted at Dec 23 2010 02:26 PM | Updated as of Dec 23 2010 10:46 PM

MANILA, Philippines - It's party season! Are you still stuck with your everyday makeup look?

The holiday season calls for more color and opulence, so said professional makeup artist and makeup instructor Jen Delica of the Center for Aesthetic Studies in Makati, "because the whole atmosphere is festive."

Take a cue from the runway shows this year where there were a lot of golds, oranges, and copper in makeup "but done with smoky application," said Delica on [email protected] on Tuesday.

But that doesn't mean you have to match your eye makeup with the color of your clothes. "When you're wearing gold, you don't have to use gold makeup. Before, it used to be like that. But now, it just needs to be coordinated. The eye colors and the blush have to be coordinated so the total look is pleasant to look at," Delica explained.

How to put on your holiday makeup look

Delica, who studied makeup in Singapore and took a master class in London, demonstrated how easy it is to put on makeup fit for the holiday partying season.


Makeup artist Jen Delica (left) did the holiday makeup look on model Bang Vergara.


1. FOUNDATION. Prep skin. Apply foundation thinly. Make it dewy, a bit wet, not too powdered or dry. This can be achieved by using liquid or cream foundation.

Delica said the skin will appreciate the moisture from the liquid or cream foundation especially this season when the weather is cooler. But during summer, it's not a good idea to wear cream foundation because the skin can get too oily.

She also advised women not to powder the entire face so it won't be very matte. "Powder a little so there won't be shine in photographs. Keep cheeks dewy," she said.

Foundations need not cost a lot, Delica added. Check out local brands for good finds.

2. EYE SHADOW BASE. Put a cream eye shadow base. Delica advises using a darker version of whatever color you're planning to use so you won't have to put on many layers to make the color come out.

Deposit this eye shadow base on the lash line and smudge it with a brush, your fingers or a cotton bud.



"It doesn't have to be perfect. Just create a line. It instantly creates drama. And don't cover the entire eyelid -- that's a common mistake of women. It looks like a black eye," Delica said.

She prefers to use dark brown as it can give drama versus black, which can get a bit too much sometimes.

3. EYE SHADOW. Apply powder eye shadow over the cream eye shadow base. Deposit it on the lash line to tone down the darkness of the brown, then go all the way up to the crease to cover the entire eyelid. Blend well to achieve a "graduated" color look from dark to light going upward. Set it with powder to make it last long.

Delica is partial to gold, but advised women to choose more colorful shades for eye shadow. "Change your usual muted colors to something with a bit more bling and sparkle, glitters, shimmer. Go all out. This is the time to do it, as December means lots of parties," she said.

Confused as to what color of eye shadow to wear? Delica said:

  • If you're wearing a red dress: "Use gold, silver, slate, gray. Never ever wear red eye shadow. You'd look like you're sick sometimes in photographs."
  • If you're wearing a green dress: "You can do green but a different shade of green from the one you're wearing. If you're wearing light green, you can go a very very dark moss green [on the eyes]. Or you can go grey, gold, dark brown, or copper."
  • If you're wearing a purple dress: "Plum is gorgeous. Again you have to work with the shades. If it's a light purple or violet shade you're wearing, wear dark purple eye makeup."

4. UNDER EYE MAKEUP. On the lower lash line, apply the same color as the eye shadow but keep it light.

However, Delica does not recommend using makeup on the lower lash line if the eyes are too protruding.

5. EYE LINER. Apply cream eyeliner using a brush or cotton tip and smudge it.

Delica recommends using an eye liner that is of the gel type and comes in a pot. "It's easy to apply, you can blend it, and it's waterproof," she said.



For a party look, try making the cat's eye: "When applying eye shadow, before reaching the end of the lashes, just wing the brush stroke upward, depending on how dramatic you want it. Put a bit more of your eyeliner to define the shape," Delica explained.

"The eyes are very, very important. I am partial to keeping the focal point on the eyes because when you talk to a person, you look at the eyes," added Delica.

6. BLUSH AND BRONZER. Contrary to what most women think, the blush and bronzer can be used at the same time.

"Put bronzer on the areas where the sun hits your face -- edges of face, temple, cheekbones -- to give you a healthy glow, as if you just came from the beach. Then put blush on the apples of the cheeks to give you a healthy pop of color. The important thing is to blend your colors carefully using a circular motion so you don't see lines," said Delica.

7. LIPSTICK. Set aside the nudes for now and go bright. Delica said, "Now is the time to be more colorful. Be more adventurous with your lip color especially at night. Don't do nude too much." Use a lip brush to apply lipstick.



Hairstyle: up or down?

To complement your makeup, choose a hairstyle that's not too fixed or too severe, said Delica.

If you have long hair, you can put it up in a bun when in the office to achieve soft waves when you put it down at the end of the day.

When should you put your hair up or leave it down? It all depends on the cut of your dress, she said.

If your dress has a high neckline, keep hair up. But if your dress allows you to show a lot of skin, keep hair down.

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